Reduce the equity gap in education

StatRookie helps your brand champion the reduction of the equity gap in education. Use your team and players’ real-life sports scenarios to expose students to math and data literacy.

Expose your fans to math and data literacy through sports
Wide-scale access to resources for math and data literacy is not readily available to all students. Exposure to math and data literacy in education often is accomplished through a combination of project learning, mentors, STEM camps, an after-school club, or home life. The adoption of math and data into sports, through analytics, provides a unique opportunity to create an accessible exposure to STEM through sports. StatRookie uses this method to develop authentic educational experiences for the fans of teams and players.

What we provide
Monthly educational modules for students to explore math and data literacy, using real sports scenarios of their favorite teams and players. Modules are delivered via web and mobile platforms. Our content aligns with the curriculum from 5th grade to college coursework.


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