Our Product

StatRookie is a fan engagement platform that focuses on educational outreach. We are currently developing content for Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball through the following process:

  1. Start with sports and relate it to math. KEEP IT AUTHENTIC!
    Our sports analytics experts develop questions based on sporting scenarios, which require math and data to solve. Each question starts what we call a module, for example, What is the chance a pitcher’s next pitch results in a ground ball to double play? All of our modules use real data from players, teams, and games to keep it authentic.
  2. Use a problem-based approach to learning to present the concept.
    Our UX team translates the sporting scenario for each module into a simple but engaging learning experience where the user can explore the concept without feeling like they are doing math.
  3. Present the questions in multiple ways for all types of learners.
    Our UX team designs our modules to communicate concepts visually, verbally, and analytically to accommodate all types of learners.
  4. Concepts scale in breadth and complexity.
    Our content continually grows the user’s knowledge of each concept. We design modules to allow exploration on the same plane of complexity and to scale in complexity as the user becomes comfortable with the presented concept. This allows the introduction of new material as well as making the learning experience engaging.